The Average Cost of Fixing Your Appliances

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Household appliances that stop working can create financial anxiety as well as significant inconveniences. You’ll probably want to fix them as quickly as possible—but how much will fixing your appliances cost?

Certified Appliance Repair has years of experience fixing your appliances, so we’re very familiar with the factors that go into each estimate. Below, we’ll help you understand what you can expect to pay for common appliance repairs and why.

What Does Appliance Repair Cost On Average?

The average cost to repair an appliance in Canada is $220, but that’s not necessarily what you’ll pay. The availability of specific parts and the market size in different regions means that costs vary widely from one area to the next.

It’s also vital to understand that not all appliances suffer from the same problems. Fixing the drive belt in your dryer is very different from fixing the icebox in your refrigerator, and you shouldn’t expect those jobs to cost the same amount.

The standard price range for appliance repair is $100 to $800, depending on the appliance in question and the severity of the problem(s). Let’s look at some common issues for specific appliances so you can budget for their repairs even more accurately.

Appliance Repair Costs 2021

Fridges & Freezers

The average cost to repair a combination refrigerator-freezer is $286, and most repair jobs fall between $140 and $600. Here are a few common fridge and freezer problems:

  • Leaking water: water leaks might come from a broken icemaker, which costs $325 to $430 to replace.
  • Strange noises: clicking noises might come from a compressor that is about to fail. Compressor repair usually ranges from $25 to $260. Rattling sounds might result from a drip plate with damaged supports, which can often be replaced for less than $60.
  • Cooling problems: a broken evaporator fan can cause cooling problems and might also make squeaking sounds. Putting in a new one usually costs $260 to $325.

Washing Machines

The average cost of repairing a washing machine is $229, with most jobs costing between $120 and $400. Here are a few of the most common washer malfunctions we deal with:

  • Water problems: water that doesn’t drain from the machine properly might be due to a faulty drain pump, which usually costs $120 to $225 to fix. Water leaking around the machine is often due to a loose hose, which can be reconnected or replaced for approximately $100.
  • Strange noises: a washer that wobbles or thumps while in use might simply be placed on an uneven surface and can be moved without professional help. However, you might need to replace your shock absorbers, which might cost around $100 with parts and labour.
  • Mechanical problems: a washer that runs without spinning your clothes may have a broken drive belt, which will often cost $95 to $145.


Dryer repair costs an average of $254, with a range of $100 to $500 for most jobs. Here are a few dryer problems we often see in our work:

  • Overheating: dryers often overheat due to clogged vents, but this can also occur because of thermostat issues or broken heating coils. It usually costs $60 to $160 to repair a dryer that is overheating.
  • No heat: a dryer that isn’t heating the clothes inside at all might have a broken thermostat, but might also have timer problems or a burnt-out fuse. It typically costs $100 to $260 to fix these issues.
  • Drum problems: like a washing machine, a dryer with a broken belt won’t be able to spin the drum during use. A new dryer belt normally costs $60 to $260.

Gas or Electric Ovens

The average cost of oven repair is $331, but prices often range from $245 to $500. You might encounter any of the following oven issues:

  • Heating or cooling unpredictably: this often results from a broken heating element, which can be a safety risk. Replacing a heating element normally costs around $220, including parts and labour.
  • Problems turning on the heat: if your oven doesn’t produce heat at all, there could be a problem with the igniter. A new one will cost $150 to $300. You may also need to replace wiring (in an electric model) or valves (in a gas oven).
  • A door that won’t close: a door that won’t close properly may have loose hinges or screws that can cause heat to escape and pose a safety risk. Having your oven door repaired usually costs $50 to $200.

Water Heaters

The price range for water heater repairs is extensive ($300 to $10,300), so there’s not much point in providing an average. Water heaters can suffer from a variety of problems, including:

  • Water leaking: this may result from a loose drain valve (which you may be able to fix yourself), but if there’s a leak in the tank itself, you’ll need to call a professional. Fixing a leaky tank can cost over $1000.
  • The heater won’t turn on or has poor efficiency: your heater may stop working if the control valve breaks, and repairing this issue can cost $300 to $500. If you have an electrical heater, efficiency issues may stem from faulty heating elements. These can be replaced for $180 to $300.
  • Hot water smells or appears tainted: you might need to have the sediment flushed from your tank, which costs $150 to $220. The anode rod in your heater might also need to be replaced, which generally costs around $50.

Dishwashers & Other Small Appliances

Microwave-to-dishwasher-sized appliances usually have more predictable costs than large machines, which tend to have more varied designs and components. You can sometimes have your smallest devices fixed for as little as $90, but it’s not uncommon for dishwashers to cost up to $260.

Contact Trusted Professionals for Accurate Quotes

The more you know about typical appliance repair prices, the easier it will be for you to find reasonably-priced help. Still, specific jobs can cost more (or less) than the prices listed here, so the best way to ballpark your costs is to request an estimate from a trusted contractor near you. Use what you’ve learned here as a starting point, and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.